Supplementary material introduced in the article "Instances for the problem of pre-positioning emergency supplies". University of Antwerp Operations Research Group ANT/OR Author: Renata Turkes 1) The file , as the name suggests, describes the layout of the instances. 2) The folder contains 30 case studies and 10 random instances introduced in the aforementioned article, that are readily usable as .txt files. Two small example instances that are introduced in the article are included in the folder as well. 3) The folder contains a number of files that can be used to generate arbitrarily many random instances for the problem of pre-positioning emergency supplies or related problems. To print a random instance with N vertices, Q facility categories, K commodity types and S scenarios to a file in the given output_folder_path, it might be sufficient to use the file and run: "./generate_random_instance N Q K S output_folder_path", e.g., "./generate_random_instance 40 4 2 4 /home/user/random_instances". LaTeX code that plots the instance graph and a brief instance summary are also printed. Alternatively, may be used to build the executable from the source code in (with "cmake ." and "make"). The random instance generator can also be easily adapted using the files in the folder . For an overview of the code, the user is referred to or the (both produced by doxygen). The implementation can be changed by directly accessing the source files in the folder .