HydroGen instances

HydroGen water distribution network instances.

HydroGen is a tool to algorithmically generate virtual water distribution networks. These networks can be used for educational and research purposes, such as algorithm testing, simulations, ... Networks on this page are available in EPANET input format (open source hydraulic solver, more information on the EPANET website) and GraphML format. Also, a set of possible pipe types, that we use in our optimisation algorithms, is given below (pipeTypes.txt). A full article on HydroGen can be found here. The networks on this page can be used for research purposes, please reference: De Corte, Annelies, and Kenneth Sörensen. "HydroGen: an Artificial Water Distribution Network Generator." Water Resources Management 28.2 (2014): 333-350.


Update (28/09/2016): a new set of gravity-fed networks is available (both single-period and multi-period instances): HydroGen-4.0.




Questions and remarks are welcome via annelies.decorte@uantwerpen.be.

Iterated local search optimization algorithm.

We developed an iterated local search optimization algorithm that is able to find good network designs. The objective is to find a minimal cost design (in terms of diameter sizing) without violating minimal pressure constraints in the demand nodes and maximal velocity constraints in the pipes.

The code is available below (zipfile). Please read the readme.txt first.



HydroGen instances